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Nail Services

Nail Services

Regular Manicure $20 +
Gel Polish Change Nails $25 +
Gel Polish Change Toes $25 +
Gel Manicure $35 +
Acrylic Full Set $40 +
Acrylic Fill $30 +
Gel Full Set $50 +
Gel Fill $40 +
Gel Color Add on Fake Nails $10 +
Ombre Full Set $60 +
Ombre Fill $50 +
Pink & White Full Set $60 +
Pink & White Fill $50 +
Gel Powder Full Set $50 +
Gel Powder Fill $40 +
Gel X $50 +
Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder Without Manicure $42 +
Dipping Powder With Manicure $52 +
Dipping Powder With Take Off $47 +
Ombre Dipping Powder $60 +
Add Tip $6 +
Add French on Dipping Powder $10
Special Nails Shape $6 +

(Coffin, Almond, Stiletto...)

Additional Service

Additional Service

Polish change hand $12
Polish change toes $14
French tip with service $10 +
Nails Design $5 +
Take off Acrylic Without Service $15
Take off acrylic with Service $5 +
Dip Remove without Service $10
Dip Remove with Service $5
Gel Remove without service $10
Gel remove With Service $5
Nails Cut $10
Toe Cut $12
Kid Services

Kid Services

(Under 10 Years)
Princess / Prince Pedicure $25
Princess / Prince Manicure $15
Nails Polish change $8
Toes Color change $10


Eyebrow $12 +
Lip $8
Chin $12
Sideburn $15 +
Full Face $45
Under Arm $18 +
Half Arm / Full Arm $25 + / $40+
Whole Back $55 +
Half Leg / Full Legs $35 / $55
Bikini Line $40 +
Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $40
Pick your favor: Lavender, Green Tea
Soak: Bomb bar
Exfoliate: Scrub Gel
Soothe: Mask + Hot Aroma Towels
Callus treatment
Massage 8 minutes with oil and lotion
Premium Spa Pedicure $50
Pick your favor: Jasmin, Orange
Soak: Bomb bar
Exfoliate: Sugar Scrub Gel
Callus Treatment
Soothe: Mask + Hot Aroma Towels
Massage: Foot reflexology with oil and lotion 15 minutes
Ultimate Spa Pedicure $60
Favor: Rose, Lemongrass
Soak: Sea Salt
Exfoliate: Sugar Scrub Gel
Callus Treatment
Soothe: Mask + Hot Aroma Towels
Massage: Foot reflexology with oil and lotion 20 minutes
Include Hot Stone
Jelly Pedicure $50
*** This pedicure included the neck wrap to relax a tired Muscle. The highlight of this fun foot treatment is the gelatin. Like foot bath, which uses Jelly Pedi revitalizing foot smoother. After routine nails care, the feet are submerged in the gel foot bath. Beside that, enjoy the 10 minute massage. Finish with your choice polish.
Paradise Spa Pedicure $60
Choice your favorites scents: Orchid; Coconut Pineapple
Neck wrap-sea salt soak-scrub-lotion & oil 1-15 minutes massage - paraffin treatment-mask.
Enjoy this Paradise Spa Pedicure by picking your favorite scents. This pedicure will fill your soul, mind and will awake your senses. This pedicure start soak you foot bath with scent you pick and neck wrap to relax a tired muscle. After Trim-shape-cuticles grooming and callus treatment, enjoys an aroma exfoliate sea salt and good 15 minutes reflexology massage and paraffin wrap. We will pamper your leg with mask wrap with hot aroma towels. Finish with your choice polished.
Capuccino Spa $60
Hot Coffee cup - Neck wrap - Sea salt soak - Sugar scrub - oil & lotion - mask - paraffin wrap.
This pedicure start with hot coffee - neck wrapand then soak your feet's in warm water with cappuccino scrubs sugar. And then, enjoy with 15 minutes feet's massage with warm Paraffin wrap, which will make your feet's softened. Finally we will put the hydrating mask weapped in warm-hot towel to lock in moisturizer. Ending with your choice polish.
Charcoal Detox Spa $65
Neck wrap-soak-scrubs-lotion-massage 20 minutes- hot stone-organic mask-collagen gloves.
The naturally porous surface of charcoal attracts dirt and oit like a magnet while drawing odor-causing bacteria and grime from deep within pores. This detox spa will leave your skin feeling new with the powder of black charcoal.
Milk & Honey Pearl Spa $55
Milk sea salt - tea tree oils soak - scrubs - oils & lotion massage - mask - hot stone.
For this pedicure we soak your feet in warm water mix with fresh milk, sea salt and Tea tree oil. By the time, we will trim, shape, cuticle grooming and callus treatment. Then, exfoliate with honey pearl scrubs sugar. Enjoys the long 15 massage with milk & honey creamy.
5 minute massage with hot stone. Completely with our clay mask and your choice polish.
Cucumber Therapy Spa $55
Cucumber mask - sea salt soak - Scrub - Hot stone - 15 minutes massage with Lotion.
Cucumber contains 95% of water which keeps the skin hydrated and well moisturized. Its seeds are rich in Vitamin E and Potassium
Which help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of aging.
Chocolate Love $65
Neck Wrap - Salt Soak - Sugar Scrub - Mud Masque - Massage Butter 20 minutes - Paraffin Wrap - Hot Stone.
Hello, sweet glow with Chocolate Love! This pedicure is infused with Cocoa Seed Butter that helps soften and brighten the skin.
Golden Glimmer Spa $75
Neck Wrap - Soak - Scrub - Mud Masque - Cooling Gel - Massage Butter 25 minutes - Hot Stone - Collagen Socks.
Definitely Sparkly!!! A pedicure with a whole lot of shimmers! For a party ready skin that looks slimmer, brighter and refreshed. The ultimate in luxury gold-inspired infused with soothing and calming benefits of Vanilla Bean.
Unicorn Flimmer Spa $85
Neck Wrap - Healling Herbal Gloves - Soak - Scrub - Mud Masque - Cooling Gel - Massage Butter 30 minutes - Hot Stones - Collagen Socks.
Unicon Glimmer Spa has all benefits you could ask for! Made with 100% vegan, organic ingredient and natural extracts for a clean and effective foot care. Always cruelty-free and paraben-free. Unicorn Glimmer is infused with Peach extract that does wonders for tired skin to keep it feeling soft and hydrated.
Luxury Pearl Spa $59
1. Soak your feet with Bubble Crystal.
2. Nails trimming, shape, culticle care.
3. Callus Treatment.
4. Exfoliate your feet and lower legs with Collagen Sugar cane scrubs.
5. Massage 5 minute with Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel help fresh and relaxes Muscle.
6. Massage 10 minute with collagen lotion.
7. Hot Stone Massage.
8. Regular Polish.
*Gel add on $15
*Gel Take off: $5
Express Pedicure $28
Cut - Shape - Cuticle care - Foot cleaning. Finish with your choice polish.
No massage - No callus treatment.
Add Callus treatment: $7
Basic Pedicure $35
Cut - Shape - Cuticle care - Foot cleaning - Massage oil & lotion - Hot Towel.
Bomb Spa $45
Jojoba beads scrubs with callus treatment - massage cream 12 minutes - collagen mask treatment.
Pick your favor: Lavender, Lemon & Milk, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Papaya Cucumber, Blackberry & Basil, Botanical Garden.
7 Benefit of Pedicure Bomb:
Great for skin - create an atmosphere - Have Healing properties - Scents have a purpose - Soothes your skin - Help detox - Improve Circulation.